Saturday, December 22, 2012

American dipper

This American dipper, our only aquatic songbird, was from the Mokelumne River near Lodi.  The bird was more dark grey but I decided to use blue-grey instead for this painting.  I was reading that this bird is better known as the "water ouzel", a term I have never heard used for this bird. I first saw this species in Ogden, Utah on my way to a friend's wedding.  I spotted a small stream and, with my fancy dress shoes, decided to walk along the stream, locate a rock to sit on, and listen to the running water.  While sitting quietly, a dipper decided to show me a spectacular water show (dipping and diving), often coming up with an invertebrate or some other insect.  Very fascinating!  Interestingly, this was John Muir's favorite bird, and I can see why.

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