Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spotted owl

I've always thought these owls were only found in old growth forest of northern California and the Pacific Northwest.  However, there are actually 3 subspecies of spotted owl, the smallest one found in Mexico.  The spotted owl was recorded by a Hungarian immigrant named John Xántus Janos, the same guy the Xantus's murrelet and Xantus's hummingbird were named after.  This painting was actually inspired by the rehabilitated owls I am lucky enough to observe through several rehab organizations and individuals. This painting is titled "Forest eyes, spotted owl Strix occidentalis", gouache 8"x11".


Selso said...

Wow Rene, it looks like it is peering into my soul. Great painting.

René C. Reyes said...

Thanks, Selso. Bird eyes, especially owls, have that ability...perhaps the reason I really enjoy painting owls.